torsdag den 7. februar 2008

Cyber Cast (Panama City, Panama)

The Panamanian hosting company Cyber Cast operates a data center located centrally in the financial district of Panama City, Panama, which is well known as a tax haven.

Among other things, the Cyber Cast data center features 24/7 armed guards, CCTV monitoring and movement sensors. Generators and UPS is of course also available at the data center.

CyberCast markets it self under the brand Offshore Hosting, and else than offshore co-location they also offer offshore services such as dedicated servers, virtual servers and regular shared webhosting.

Check out Cyber Cast (Panama City, Panama) at DCM or visit for further details.

EgyptNetwork (Mansura, Egypt)

EgyptNetwork has their own co-location data center, located in the city of Mansura north of the capital Cairo. It is one of few known co-location data centers in Egypt.

The EgyptNetwork data center offers various services including shared webhosting, dedicated serves, co-location and other managed hosting. The data center is professionally equipped as most other data centers, with generators, battery backup, HVAC etc.

A lot of details about the data center EgyptNetwork (Mansura, Egypt) are available at Data Center Map. Unlike a lot of other middle eastern and foreign data centers, the EgyptNetwork website is available in English.

DEAC (Riga, Latvia)

DEAC is a data center located in Riga, the capital of Latvia and the biggest city in the Baltic nations. A region that doesn't have too many data centers.

The DEAC data center is an underground datacenter, located in a former bomb shelter under the Grizlinkalns park in Riga. DEAC's facility in the large bomb shelter features all the typical data center features and has a total capacity of 3x1Gbit/sec.

Converting existing underground facilities, such as mines and bomb shelters, to data centers is a rising trend, as it is a cheap way to get a secure underground facility compared to building one from scratch.

Check out the video presentation at DEAC's site, or read more about DEAC (Riga, Latvia) on Data Center Map.

onsdag den 6. februar 2008

INFOMART (Dallas, Texas)

INFOMART is the most popular telecom facility in Texas, USA, due to its size, carrier representation and large selection of well known American co-location providers.

The building is located at the popular address 1950 Stemmons Freeway and was constructed in 1985. The INFOMART building was sold to the current owner, DCI Technology Holdings, in 2006. It is known for it's special architecture, which makes they 7 store INFOMART building quite a nice looking building.

The INFOMART building has a total of 1,600,000 square feet (150.000~ square meters) of which about 500,000 square feet (46.500 square meters) is designed for data centers / telecom suites. DCI Technology Holdings also own several other telecom facilities in North America.

The address 1950 Stemmongs Freeway is a well known and often seen address within the data center industry in Texas, as the building houses co-location companies such as Dataside, Internap, NaviSite, Switch & Data, XO Communications and many more.

Further details and a list of some of the tenants of INFOMART (Dallas, Texas) can be found at Data Center Map. A list of the rest of DCI Technology Holdings facilities can be found at their website.

151 Front Street (Toronto, Canada)

151 Front Street West is one of Canada's most leading telecom hotels, with representation from a lot of the major co-location providers and carriers from the industry. The carrier hotel is located in Toronto near Interlink and Peer 1's Toronto data centers.

151 Fron Street West houses more than 150 telecommunication companies and is among North Americas most well connected buildings. There are 9 different fibre optic networks connected to the building, ensuring high reliability and capacity. Roof top access, meet me room and other typical features of a modern carrier neutral facility is available as well.

The building was constructed in 1954 for telecommunications purposes, and has since been expanded to meet the high demands from the industry. In 2004 the building was sold to Northam Realty Advisors who are the current owners.

See the profile for 151 Front Street (Toronto, Canada) at Data Center Map or visit for further details about this interesting co-location facility in Toronto, Canada. Compared to a lot of other similar data centers, the 151 Front Street West website is very informative and definately worth a look.

One Wilshire (Los Angeles, California)

One Wilshire is known as one of USA's, and the worlds, most well connected co-location data centers. Apart from the large amount of providers represented in this carrier neutral data center, the One Wilshire property is located near a lot of other premier co-location facilities such as the Wilshire Exchange.

The various data centers in that part of Los Angeles are well connected to each other, which makes representation in a data center such as One Wilshire attractive for peering/transit purposes.

One Wilshire was buildt in 1966 and currently has a total of 664.000 square foot (61.500~ square meters). The data center is owned by CRG West. CRG West also owns some other well known carrier neutral co-location data centers, such as the Wilshire Annex which is located near by.

Check out One Wilshire (Los Angeles, California) at Data Center Map along with the large amount of other near by data centers in downtown LA.

tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

Hostingcenter Århus (Århus, Denmark)

Hostingcenter Århus is located in the city of Århus (as the name indicates), which is the second largest city in Denmark. Most of Denmark's hosting centers are concentrated around the area of the capital Copenhagen, which also means that a lot of the internet traffic is routed through here.

Hostingcenter Århus is relatively new and small, but has the strength of being among the few co-location data centers in the area with 24/7 access. The data center has all the typical features of a hosting center, along with separate server rooms divided by fire-protective walls. Even though it is located centrally within Århus C, there is plenty of parking options available near the data center.

The facility is not carrier neutral and the services range from small services such as dedicated servers and server hosting of individual servers to co-location in the form of foot prints or rented racks. Automatic fire suppression, UPS, generators, alarm system etc. is available as in most other data centers.

The facility is owned by the Danish company Fuzion and more details about Hostingcenter Århus (Denmark) can be seen at Data Center Map, along with details about other hosting centers in Jylland and the rest of Denmark.

MEGA-iAdvantage (Hong Kong, China)

Mega-iAdvantage is one of iAdvantage's data centers in the Hong Kong / Kowloon area in China, Asia, and is well known as one of the largest data centers in the area, with its massive size of 350,000 square feet (32,500~ square meters) distributed on 14 floors with about 14,000 square feet each (1,300~ square meters).

The data center was designed to host over 10,000 racks and has all the typical features of a professional data centers (generators, UPS, fire suppression, TV monitoring, intrusion detection etc.)

Mega-iAdvantage is a carrier neutral facility and has a meet-me-room for peering/transit, which combined with its size and location makes it an ideal co-location facility in Asia.

More details and a location map of the data center MEGA-iAdvantage (Hong Kong, China) is available at Data Center Map. The company behind, iAdvantage, also owns and operates ONE-iAdvantage and JUMBO-iAdvantage which are both smaller co-location data centers located within south east Asia.

SpringNet Undeground (Springfield, Missouri)

SpringNet Underground is a very well known data center within the industry, as they have received a lot of press attention due to their underground architecture.

The data center is located 85 feet (26~ meters) below the surface in an underground mine, which makes it a safe place for co-location as well as a naturally cooled facility, which lowers the costs of cooling.

The Springnet Underground facility was constructed in 2000 and has a total of 56,500 square feet (5.250~ square meters) with very high ceilings, which has been used to develop a "building in building" concept. It was constructed with high focus on security and is manned 24/7.

Services include racks, foot prints, cages and dedicated rooms (separate buildings in their "building in building concept").

Unfortunately their website isn't very modern, however it does feature interesting details as well as a very cool interactive model of the data center that's definitely worth checking out.

Check out SpringNet Underground (Springfield, Missouri) at Data Center Map.

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