onsdag den 6. februar 2008

151 Front Street (Toronto, Canada)

151 Front Street West is one of Canada's most leading telecom hotels, with representation from a lot of the major co-location providers and carriers from the industry. The carrier hotel is located in Toronto near Interlink and Peer 1's Toronto data centers.

151 Fron Street West houses more than 150 telecommunication companies and is among North Americas most well connected buildings. There are 9 different fibre optic networks connected to the building, ensuring high reliability and capacity. Roof top access, meet me room and other typical features of a modern carrier neutral facility is available as well.

The building was constructed in 1954 for telecommunications purposes, and has since been expanded to meet the high demands from the industry. In 2004 the building was sold to Northam Realty Advisors who are the current owners.

See the profile for 151 Front Street (Toronto, Canada) at Data Center Map or visit 151frontstreet.com for further details about this interesting co-location facility in Toronto, Canada. Compared to a lot of other similar data centers, the 151 Front Street West website is very informative and definately worth a look.

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