torsdag den 7. februar 2008

DEAC (Riga, Latvia)

DEAC is a data center located in Riga, the capital of Latvia and the biggest city in the Baltic nations. A region that doesn't have too many data centers.

The DEAC data center is an underground datacenter, located in a former bomb shelter under the Grizlinkalns park in Riga. DEAC's facility in the large bomb shelter features all the typical data center features and has a total capacity of 3x1Gbit/sec.

Converting existing underground facilities, such as mines and bomb shelters, to data centers is a rising trend, as it is a cheap way to get a secure underground facility compared to building one from scratch.

Check out the video presentation at DEAC's site, or read more about DEAC (Riga, Latvia) on Data Center Map.

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