tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

Hostingcenter Århus (Århus, Denmark)

Hostingcenter Århus is located in the city of Århus (as the name indicates), which is the second largest city in Denmark. Most of Denmark's hosting centers are concentrated around the area of the capital Copenhagen, which also means that a lot of the internet traffic is routed through here.

Hostingcenter Århus is relatively new and small, but has the strength of being among the few co-location data centers in the area with 24/7 access. The data center has all the typical features of a hosting center, along with separate server rooms divided by fire-protective walls. Even though it is located centrally within Århus C, there is plenty of parking options available near the data center.

The facility is not carrier neutral and the services range from small services such as dedicated servers and server hosting of individual servers to co-location in the form of foot prints or rented racks. Automatic fire suppression, UPS, generators, alarm system etc. is available as in most other data centers.

The facility is owned by the Danish company Fuzion and more details about Hostingcenter Århus (Denmark) can be seen at Data Center Map, along with details about other hosting centers in Jylland and the rest of Denmark.

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