onsdag den 6. februar 2008

One Wilshire (Los Angeles, California)

One Wilshire is known as one of USA's, and the worlds, most well connected co-location data centers. Apart from the large amount of providers represented in this carrier neutral data center, the One Wilshire property is located near a lot of other premier co-location facilities such as the Wilshire Exchange.

The various data centers in that part of Los Angeles are well connected to each other, which makes representation in a data center such as One Wilshire attractive for peering/transit purposes.

One Wilshire was buildt in 1966 and currently has a total of 664.000 square foot (61.500~ square meters). The data center is owned by CRG West. CRG West also owns some other well known carrier neutral co-location data centers, such as the Wilshire Annex which is located near by.

Check out One Wilshire (Los Angeles, California) at Data Center Map along with the large amount of other near by data centers in downtown LA.

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