tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

MEGA-iAdvantage (Hong Kong, China)

Mega-iAdvantage is one of iAdvantage's data centers in the Hong Kong / Kowloon area in China, Asia, and is well known as one of the largest data centers in the area, with its massive size of 350,000 square feet (32,500~ square meters) distributed on 14 floors with about 14,000 square feet each (1,300~ square meters).

The data center was designed to host over 10,000 racks and has all the typical features of a professional data centers (generators, UPS, fire suppression, TV monitoring, intrusion detection etc.)

Mega-iAdvantage is a carrier neutral facility and has a meet-me-room for peering/transit, which combined with its size and location makes it an ideal co-location facility in Asia.

More details and a location map of the data center MEGA-iAdvantage (Hong Kong, China) is available at Data Center Map. The company behind, iAdvantage, also owns and operates ONE-iAdvantage and JUMBO-iAdvantage which are both smaller co-location data centers located within south east Asia.

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